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Sleep Studies

平均来说,一个人需要从7.每晚睡5到8个小时. However, most individuals are only able to sleep a little over six hours per night due to a variety of reasons.

六分之一的人患有睡眠障碍, 有超过60种不同的睡眠障碍记录. The most common disorders are Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Involuntary Movement Disorders.

Western Sleep Medicine conducts sleep studies in Box Butte总医院's Medical Arts Plaza, 2091 Box Butte Ave., Suite 400. 套房的两个睡眠研究卧室的最佳位置,以提供一个安静的, 病人的私人环境.


Please call 308.762.4357, Ext. 3489 or Ext. 3342查询详情. 如果无人接听,一定要留言. 值班护士会给你回电话.