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让女性了解 breast care and the need for regular mammograms has long been a core mission for Box Butte General Hospital.

BBGH致力于提供最好的技术,客户支持和患者舒适度. IM电竞App官网最近获得了最新的乳房x光成像技术, 由Hologic公司开发的Genius™3D乳房x线摄影系统, Inc. Please play the video above 来看看为什么这项新技术会改变乳腺癌早期检测的游戏规则, 额外的好处是更少的额外筛选.

Having a Mammogram

A mammogram usually consists of two views of each breast in which they are pressed firmly between two plates. The procedure takes only a few minutes and will be performed by a trained female technologist under the supervision of a qualified radiologist. 放射科医生会分析x光片, 寻找与癌症相关的特殊异常或变化. IM电竞App官网的考试由委员会认证的放射科医生宣读.

Before a Mammogram

  • 请穿两件套.
  • 不要在乳房或腋下部位使用除臭剂、粉剂、软膏或面霜.
  • 考试大约需要30分钟.
  • Avoid coming for your mammogram just prior to or during your menstrual period if you have breast pain during that time.
  • 如果您做了隆胸手术,请在安排检查时间时通知接待员.

BBGH's Radiology Mammography Program recently passed the Food and Drug Administration's Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) inspection. MQSA is a federal law that makes sure every mammography facility in the United States meets quality standards.